At Rocky Park Natural Farm, one of our passions is building relationships with young adults through student internships. We host interns from local colleges in different areas of concentration. Below are some examples of the types of internships we can offer (if interested, please go through your department head):

  • Statistics or Mathematics
    • Great opportunity to teach students the concept and importance of data collection
  • Business
    • Cost Accounting (Accounts Payables)
    • Financial Analysis
    • Operations (Learning to work with all areas of business and learn efficiency)
  • Environmental studies
  • Biological studies
    • Opportunity to learn the aquaponics system. How to maintain water balance, water PH. ammonia levels control. Our system uses tilapia fish so it is also a great opportunity to learn to reproduce tilapia.

Time and Commitment Required

  • 8-20 hours per week.
  • 50% of the time labor is required and the other 50% must be dedicated to the study of the business.
  • The ideal candidate must be someone who believes in the concept of the business and is willing to learn and support the business.
  • Rocky Park Natural Farm would like to encourage interns to write their senior thesis based on our business.

Benefits of interning with Rocky Park Natural Farm

We would like students to attend during one semester for credit hours; however, we would like to use this as a screening process for finding the ideal candidates we are looking for in the areas described above.
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  • Statistics Internship
    • Data collection
  • Business Internship
    • Paying bills and logging costs in spreadsheets; students will be guided to practice simple financial reporting
  • Environmental Studies
  • Biological Studies
    • Biological Data Collection
    • Working with Tilapia fish


  • Interview is required
  • Ideal candidates should have a resume
  • Must be a student beginning their third year