How we began 

Rocky Park Farm was born out of Jim and Phyllis Kirksey’s love for plants, food, and community. When they bought the land in 1999 they did not know it would grow into a farm. Both always enjoyed working with and taking care of plants on a smaller greenhouse scale. Slowly they expanded their garden on the property, eventually adding a greenhouse to grow food during the winter months.

In 2013 their vision for the farm grew: The Kirksey’s created a place where beautiful all-natural produce would be grown for the local community. A place where people could learn about organic and sustainable agriculture.

Growing a healthier community

Inviting people to experience a good-growing culture is part of Rocky Park Farm’s business concept. Additionally, they desire to provide all-natural produce to a community where there is a lack. At the grocery store, it is often expensive to buy organic food, making it unaffordable for people who want to eat well. The process of getting that produce is not sustainable either, there is so much fuel that gets burned just to get it across the country.

The Kirksey’s goal: To educate people on what real all-natural produce is like, and how to grow it in a sustainable way. The farm has worked to build relationships with local schools and colleges to involve future generations. It’s not common for agricultural schools or programs to teach the all-natural farming process, especially not from scratch.

Growing future interest in agriculture

Students visiting the farm have the ability to experience the whole journey, from seed to harvest. Local colleges have students from across the world, and everyone at Rocky Park Farm feels that working with them has been a great experience! Because, in a way, the students are looking for the same things valued by Rocky Park Farm.

What excites us the most?

In the words of Jim Kirksey:

“The extended family we have is the most wonderful part of it all. It always feels like there’s a party when we all get together. We enjoy seeing all the produce grow, but the most important part to us is the family and community we are starting. The best experience for us is to get to take what we have produced into our hands, cook it, and make it into an event for everyone to get together and eat. It’s such an exciting part of the process.

We wanted to create a place that wouldn’t only be for one culture, or just vegans or vegetarians. We wanted everyone to be able to experience the best locally-grown produce, in their every day lives. Where everyone can walk in to their homes and have a great meal.

We are excited to continue growing our business and see our vision for this farm come alive. It’s an opportunity that’s worth taking a risk for. We have great plans for the future with our strong and talented team.

We want to invite people to get together and be a part of the family we have formed, and community we are growing. We hope the farm will become a destination place that is centered around food, and most importantly, family. Because that’s where we all come from.”