Our Growing Culture:

Inviting people to experience a good-growing culture is part of Rocky Park Farm’s business concept. Additionally, we want to provide all-natural produce to a community where there is a lack (food poverty). At the grocery store, it’s often expensive to buy organic food, and this makes it unaffordable for people who want to eat well. The process of obtaining that produce is not sustainable either; it takes a lot of fuel just to get it across the country.

Our Goal:

Rocky Park Farm’s goal is to educate people on what local all-natural produce is like, and how to grow it in a sustainable way. As a not-for-profit farm, we are always seeking out ways to both improve and educate ourselves to expand our processes and sustainability efforts.

In the spring of 2023, we were awarded a USDA grant to add up to 3,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space!

Our Practices:

Greenhouses, aquaponics, composting, bee hives…then our long-term goal of adding solar panels to help offset both the use and cost of electricity to run the farm. We are always researching new ways both grow and improve our output.