Our roots: Multiculturism

We will never forget the wonderful people who helped get Rocky Park Farm off the ground, to serve our community. They helped to build and stabilize the farm’s roots! Here is a little backstory on those who helped, and how. We hope this will help explain why we have such a warmness for the Hispanic culture. Why we believe it’s important to integrate a multicultural way of life at the farm while experiencing each other’s varying cultures.

Growing the dream

The Kirksey’s had a friend named Hector Marroquin, an agriculturist who had extensive knowledge of the industry and who had grown up on a farm. When Hector joined the Rocky Park team his ideas and experience helped to shape the future of Rocky Park Farm.

“I came to the United States in 2000, and had known Jim for 10 years. I had this vision of growing organic produce, a farm where people can come and enjoy picking vegetables and fruit, an experience that really isn’t normal any more. There’s not many farms left where families can come and see how cows are milked, how cheese is made, how to grow vegetables, and pick berries. We noticed this way of life is becoming more popular in the US again, people are looking back and missing the way things used to be.” 

-Hector Marroquin

Design at Rocky Park Farm

Daliana Mendez arrived at Rocky Park Farm in April 2015 after earning a degree in architecture in her home country of Venezuela. She came in pursuit of an opportunity that would provide experience with sustainable design in her everyday life. In her words:

“I feel really lucky, because I found a family and school in my work at the same time. I have been able to learn a new language, share with other cultures, and practice new, sustainable and ecological technics to produce veggies. In my case, Rocky Park is that place and that opportunity that I have to learn, work, create, build, and do the things that I always wanted to do: helping people to see and understand the importance of production and sensitive food consumption.”

While at Rocky Park Farm, Daliana was able to utilize her architecture and design skills in a number of ways, including designing the original farm stand.