“My daughter, Kaitlynn, 14, is homeschooled and loves God, her family and friends, and gardening among other hobbies. She is a sweet and kind young woman.
I work from home so I can homeschool. I love all things gardening. We are truly blessed and are thankful to volunteer with y’all!”  

– Erin Edwards w/daughter Kaitlynn, Rocky Park Farm volunteers.

What to expect:

Volunteering at Rocky Park Farm, a not-for-profit business, is meant to be both educational and fun, but don’t doubt you’ll sweat from hard work. Below we’ve outlined what you need to know in order to join us as a volunteer.
If you are interested or want more information you can submit our volunteer form.


Minimum age: 16

Volunteers are not required to have farm experience to apply for a volunteer position.  

Rocky Park is, for the most part, a sloping terrain and volunteers will be expected to navigate these areas in the performance of daily duty assessments.  
Some duties, by design, require rigorous activity to accomplish the desired outcome. If you have other questions, we will be happy to address those individually or during the interview process.

We ask that you dress accordingly for the job duties and the farm setting. (If you need more info please scroll down to fill out & submit our volunteer form.)

Disclaimer: Due to the terrain and type of work, for liability and safety reasons, Rocky Park Farm discourages those with disabilities from volunteering. We’re very sorry and hope you understand. 

Interview Process:  

An on-site interview at the farm setting is required. We estimate this intro to farm and dialogue would not exceed 90 minutes.    

We expect an applicant would prefer to see the work environment prior to acceptance and/or moving forward.  

Any resume/CV and references are welcome but not required; instead, please provide us with a paragraph about your skillset and experience. (You can do so in our volunteer form.)

Additional questions can be addressed either via email or by phone with our farm manager, Roger, or Farmer Jim.


Depending on the time of year, you can expect active participation and experience in one or all of the following:  

  • Seeding 
  • Soil preparation and restoration
  • Aquaponic farming
  • Vertical growing
  • Incubation processes for seedlings 
  • Natural, educational, and sustainable growth strategies
  • Harvesting  

We look forward to meeting you!
Scroll down to fill out & submit our volunteer form.

Ty and Tyler, both age 18, volunteered at
Rocky Park Farm
to satisfy a requirement for Tennessee Promise.