In 2023 Rocky Park Farm introduced a new initiative called the Family Garden Experience. Our intent is to lend plots in our growing field to families/individuals, within our community, who would like to learn the full scope of creating a produce garden, from seed to harvest. We cannot express how blessed we have been to witness the bounty that came forth from the singular family who took the hoe and ran with it! Our hope is that more families will come along and share the experience in 2024.

The Cheshire family – a family of 7 – has definitely seen the fruit of their labor. The timing for their participation has been perfect because unfortunately their patriarch was diagnosed with cancer in the middle of the growing season. You can only imagine how the abundance of nutritious produce would help her through treatment, and bless the family with food to help them along during this stressful time.

From their very first harvest…

To their largest harvests… 47 pounds of potatoes alone!

It has been a learning and growing experience for the entire Cheshire family.
You can watch their journey on the “Shire Family” YouTube channel.

We hope this inspires others in the Blount County, TN community to learn to grow their own food.
This growing season will soon come to a close but family garden plots will be available at Rocky Park Farm for the 2024 growing season. Our team would love to teach your family everything it takes to produce and harvest, just like the Chesire’s.

Inquire here if you are interested or give us a call!